Publications and Partners

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European / international projects

  • CROSSCULT project 2016-2020, H2020 European project. Partner countries: France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, UK. More information here.
  • D-TRANSFORM 2014-2017. KIWI is the scientific leader and leader of the sub-task O1-A3. Partner countries: France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, UK.
  • Interlingua Project 2014-2015, INTERREG IV. KIWI is the leader of Task 1. Partner countries: Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Germany).
  • BASAR project 2013-2016. Scientific Cooperation Inter-Universitaire (PCSI project). Partner countries: Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt and Lebanon.
  • STIC Asia project 2012-2013, in collaboration with Hong Kong Baptist University (Li ChenAssistant Professor) and Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand (Raphael Duboz).
  • EHR project 2012- 2013, European project In RUS ERA NET program. Partner countries: France, Germany, Russia, Estonia.

National projects

  • e-Fran LINUMEN 2017-2020, e-Fran call for project. Partners: InterPsy, LISEC, LORIA, LUCET, ESPE Lorraine, Directions des Services Départementaux de l'Education Nationale (Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Vosges), InProgress.
  • METAL project 2016-2020, e-Fran call for project. The KIWI team is coordinator of this project. Partners: LORIA, InterPsy, LISEC, ESPE Lorraine, D@NTE, Sailendra SAS, ITOP Education. More information here.
  • Project with Sailendra 2014-2017. A collaboration with Sailendra (local firm) on the identification of atypical and anticipator users. This collaboration has been financed by Grand Nancy, and 1 PhD Thesis has started in Jan. 2015.
  • Project with Yupeek 2014-2017. A collaboration with Yupeek (local firm), financed by Grand Nancy and by Region Lorraine, and 1 PhD Thesis has started in Oct. 2014.
  • Dr Sport project 2014-2015. A project between KIWI and a new Startup has been selected by the Lorraine Region. The result is a full service dedicated to diagnosis of sport pathologies.
  • Project with Ministry HER 2014-2015. In this project, KIWI has two main goals. 1) investigate if the use of the digital tools increases students success. 2) providing a state of the art of Learning Analytics in France.
  • PERICLES project 2012-2016. PIA project The KIWI team is the leader of the research activities of the project and is leader of task SP3.

Contracts on private funding

  • CIFRE Womup 2009-2012. The collaboration between WOMUP Company and the KIWI team is concretized by a CIFRE grant, for a PhD Student.
  • ARMURES Project 2012-2015. This project, in collaboration with Crédit Agricole S.A, is dedicated to the analysis of blogs and verbatim with the aim to improve the quality and reliability of customer and prospect models, modelling e-reputation of the firm, by analysing these blogs, detecting new discriminative criterion.