Projects in e-education

The METAL project (2016-2020) aims at designing, developing and evaluating a set of monitoring tools for students or teachers (Learning Analytics), and technology for personalized learning of written languages (French grammar) and oral languages (pronunciation of living languages). It contributes to improving the quality of learning and the development of language proficiency by students.

The LINUMEN project (2017-2020) aims at conceiving a service to develop and reinforce emergent literacy and numeracy skills among pre-school children.

The PERICLES project (2012-2016) aims at developing a tool for the services of higher education or training institutions.This tool is integrated into the information system of the institutions by interfacing, in particular with directories, integrated management software packages, and digital workspaces (ENT). It also interfaces with business skills references. It aims to provide recommendations for appropriate teaching resources. More information here.

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